About me

Hi there. This is my personal site for my development work. I am a developer primarily focused on the web. I've worked in the tech industry since 2005 and as a professional developer since 2007. My work have primarily been in the web development field.

I am experienced as a senior Python developer and Linux systems administrator. Throughout the years, I've mentored and led development teams, worked directly with clients, and managed large development projects to completion.


  • Python


    Experienced using Django, Flask and other frameworks to build web applications of all sizes.

  • JavaScript


    Years of experience with JavaScript pre-ajax through the current modern era of libraries like React and tools like GraphQL.

  • Linux


    Linux server administration with a long history of deploying and maintaining large applications. Perpetually on-call since 2005 or so.

Connect with me

E-mail me directly at: me@hibbie.net